In house CTLLS

CTLLS delivered at your premises

CTLLS courses can be delivered in-house  on your premises anywhere in England if is more convenient / cost efficient. The minimum number for a viable CTLLS learning group is 6, but the learning experience is better with a slightly larger group. The maximum group size is 14.

The course structure and requirements are the same as for our open public CTLLS courses.

One of the main advantages of an in-house CTLLS course is that we can discuss with you how the content can be more closely focused on the specific type of training your staff are involved in.   In addition  an in-house course should reduce travelling time for your staff.


Cost will vary depending on your geographical location, but some broad guidelines are:

1 – 8 learners £6,000
9 – 16 learners £6,000 + £200 per person

One of the major costs of the course delivery is the individual teaching observations. Savings can be made where you either have a fully qualified member of staff who agrees to undertake some of the observations. Savings can also be discussed  where a number of your staff are teaching at the same site on the same day. Both of these reduce our staff costs we can pass these reductions on to you.

Please phone or email for a specific quote